Current research

My research focuses on the relationship between welfare state institutions and outcomes for individuals and families, and relates to the fields of comparative social policy and social stratification. In my ongoing theoretical and empirical research I investigate institutional configurations as well as individual positions and resources.

Household structures and economic risks during the COVID-19 pandemic in East and West Germany: Compensation or accumulation? KOMPAKK

Project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs‘ Support network for interdisciplinary social policy research (FIS) with Anette Fasang and Emanuela Struffolino. Please visit the project info website here.

Interdisciplinary perspectives on family formation policies

Seed grant project funded by the OX-BER Partnership, together with Mary Daly (Oxford University). The project hosted an interdisciplinary symposium at HU Berlin in November 2019. Work-in-progress presentations: Herbsttagung DGS-Sektion Familiensoziologie Oktober 2019, Bamberg; Fachgebiet Kolloquium Soziologie, Sozialökonomie, Universität Hamburg, Januar 2020. Please visit the project website here.

Reproduction regimes in Europe: How institutions affect birthing and birth experiences

Publication project with Nadine Reibling (Universität Siegen). Paper presentation at DGS Kongress, 2020.

Family policy, poverty and single mother families: a comparative life course perspective

Publication project with Wim Van Lancker (KU Leuven). Paper presented at the FISS conference, 2019.

Single mothers‘ housing conditions in comparative perspective: the role of housing systems

Publication project with Rense Nieuwenhuis (Stockholm University). Collaboration funded by InGRID-2 Visiting Grant, 2018. Paper presented at the spring meeting of DGS Familiensektion, DJI Munich, 2020.

Explaining diverging trends in single mother poverty in Germany, Sweden and the UK

Publication project with Sabine Hübgen (WZB Berlin) and Rense Nieuwenhuis (Stockholm University). Paper presented at ESPAnet 2019 Conference, Stockholm. Currently under review.

Changes in the stratification of adolescent risk behaviour: the case of contraceptive use at first intercourse in Italy, 1950-2006

Publication project with Emanuela Struffolino (WZB Berlin). Paper presented at the 2019 ECSR Conference, Lausanne. Currently under review.

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